Anime North 2017 was an unforgettable experience this year at the Toronto Congress Centre, Sheraton and International Plaza Hotel. There were plenty of workshops, panels, photoshoots, cosplay and gaming events, concerts, dances, contests, and special events for all attendees. As the weather was warm with a soothing afternoon breeze, thousands of fans showed up in their favourite cosplays and were more than happy to pose for pictures when requested by photographers. The concession area was filled with many food trucks this year that made it alot easier for attendees to grab food and stay hydrated on the convention grounds. 

Inside the Congress Centre, the layout changed dramatically this year with the Dealer's Room and Artists Alley offering plenty of space for attendees to purchase artwork, wallscrolls, plushies, outfits, accessories and more. Water stations were very frequent and provided to attendees to stay hydrated and maximize their enjoyment of Anime North. The convention celebrated 20 years with the birth of Anime North in 1997 to Canada's top not for profit fan event in the present.

Overall, Anime North was a grand event that was well organized and enjoyed by many attendees in Toronto.

Highlights of the convention grounds can be found below.

(Photography by OAV Staff)




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