The PlayStation Anthology is a new book published by Geeks Line that was successfully funded on Kickstarter in May 2017. Two editions of the book are available: Classic Edition that includes over 386 pages of content and the Collectors Edition spanning over 458 pages that includes a guide of all official PlayStation games ever released in all territories. An exclusive to Kickstarter backers of the Collector’s Edition is the book with an eye-catching silver dust cover in addition to 16 extra pages of never before seen content. As described by the publisher, the authors and staff at Geeks Line have worked meticulously to create a book to “celebrate a console that brought wonder into the lives of so many and a brand that reshaped the whole entertainment industry.”  The front cover showcasing artwork of the original PlayStation console coupled with the premium, glossy pages is very impressive and truly exceptional in quality and design.


This hardcover book was written by Fabien Mellado, Mathieu Manent, Antoine Clerc-Renaud and Franck Latour with translation and adaptation handled by Cain Garnham and Jade Roxanne Garnham. Delving deep into the history of the PlayStation console, the book goes into incredible detail with fascinating insights and various facts of how Sony’s console came to be from its backstory and development to its worldwide launch. A total of 26 interviews were conducted with the men and women who became an integral part of the PlayStation legacy and served as important figures during its prominent era. For the devoted PlayStation fans and the gaming communities, the book also features a “Collectibles and Special Editions” section that covers the highly sought after items and exclusive releases that is sure to create much buzz and excitement among its readers. Hardware enthusiasts will no doubt love the Hardware section that covers the accessories, system models, packaging, bundles and more for all things PlayStation.


The Anthology wouldn’t be complete without an analysis of Sony and the victories, setbacks, disappointments and challenges the company faced with the launch of PlayStation in a very competitive industry. Everything from the bombshell news of the shocking betrayal and failed partnership with Nintendo to information around the father of the PlayStation, Ken Kutaragi is covered in the PlayStation Anthology in meticulous detail. A solid balance of text and imagery comprises every page that alleviates any concerns fans may have about reading long pages of text alone. The spirit of the book is reminiscent of the 80s and 90s when gaming magazines were king with popular publications like Nintendo Power and Electronic Gaming Monthly ruling the day.


Having seen many published books over the years written about the gaming industry that were mediocre, I found it difficult to put this book down as reading it evoked feelings of nostalgia, anticipation and excitement. My intent to browse through the PlayStation Anthology for a few minutes quickly turned to hours with so much to read and absorb. Initially, I approached the book with cautious optimism but having held the hardback bound book in my hands and reading its content, the PlayStation Anthology is a book that belongs in every PlayStation fan’s collection. Though some may scoff at the retail price as both versions cost more than the traditional game guides and artbooks, it is well worth the price as it is the definitive PlayStation book that gaming veterans and collectors have long been waiting for. 


This review is based on a physical book copy of the PlayStation Anthology provided by the publisher. 

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