Neptunia Shooter is exactly as the name sounds – a retro arcade shooter with the enemy creatures from the Neptunia series starring none other than Neptune herself. There are a total of six bullet-ridden worlds to explore and upon defeating each boss, they are added to your roster of swappable characters in battle. Each boss has their own designated shooting abilities that can be utilized at any time when the screen is filled to the brim with enemies. 

Online leaderboards are there for those wishing to see how well they stack up against their friends or the competition globally. Players should note that Neptunia Shooter is strictly an arcade shooter without any voiceovers, power-ups or fancy cutscenes. For the price, the game is fun but doesn’t offer much with respect to enemy variety or stages. If you’re looking for a short and enjoyable arcade game with a Neptunia flair, look no further than Neptunia Shooter as it’s got you covered.  


PROS (+): Fun and Enjoyable Shooter

CONS (-): Lack of Enemy Variety, Short Game


SCORE – 7.5/10

This review is based on a digital copy of Neptunia Shooter on Steam provided by Idea Factory International.

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